“Cinema will save the world”

Lady Monika Bacardi


“I believe that cinema is a very powerful medium because of its ability to transmit values and messages, which can be a source of reflection, deepening, support and inspiration for political, economic and social issues.”

As co-founder of global film conglomerates AMBI Group and Iervolino and Lady Monika Entertainment (ILBE), Monika’s showreel features 50 productions, major studios and such legends as Al Pacino and Anjelica Huston. Her passion for cinema is driven by her desire to raise awareness of social and environmental issues, promoting inclusivity and hope at a time of global division and uncertainty.

While some fear the arrival of new, shorter formats and online distribution methods foretelling the “death of cinema”, Monika’s embraces innovation as an opportunity to revitalise the industry, and to reach and inspire younger audiences with positive messages that inspire and support human values.

AMBI Media Group

Founded in 2013, the company comprises AMBI Pictures, AMBI Distribution and AIC Studios. It specializes in film development, finance, production, sales, and distribution. AMBI Media Group’s commercial movies are renowned and feature A-list actors. AMBI has also established a vast library from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita to Christopher Nolan’s Memento.

Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment (ILBE)

Founded by Lady Monika Bacardi and her associate Andrea Iervolino in 2011, ILBE is based in Rome and specializes in cinema productions and audiovisual content, primarily global online content for young people. ILBE is publicly listed in Italy (Euronext Growth Milan) and France (Euronext Growth Paris).
ILBE also comprises IE Studios by ILBE, an animation studio based in Serbia designing specific content for streaming platforms. The animated series Puffins is available on Amazon Prime Videos and Apple TV. Other companies are also controlled by ILBE: RedCarpet, SobeSport and Arte Video.

Film produced


TILAW Pre-Oscar Dinner 2023

This weekend, the biggest names and brightest talents descended upon Hollywood in preparation for the annual Academy Awards – the

ILBE Gala 2023

The ILBE Gala was held on a lively Thursday evening at Beverly Hill’s upscale Tatel restaurant: organized by Dynamita Productions

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope