22 September 2017

Lady Monika Bacardi was at the Vatican for the film Beyond the Sun produced by Ambi.

September event for Lady Monika Bacardi and the Beyond The Sun team.

Guests for a dinner and film screening at the Vatican, directors Graciela Rodriguez and Charlie Mainardi accompanied the producers, Monika Bacardi and her associate Andrea Iervolino.

Received by Monsignor Garcia, the team was able to share a privileged moment of exchange and conviviality during a Gala dinner, before attending the screening of the film in preview at the Vatican, in the presence of his sanctity Pope Francis.

Beyond the Sun speaks to a family audience and especially to children, with an evangelical message around the word of Jesus. This is the first time that a sovereign pontiff has appeared in person in a film, the proceeds of which will be donated to Argentine charities.

Shot in Italy, the film will soon be released in cinemas and is already one of Monika Bacardi’s greatest pride.

We propose you to find some pictures of this memorable day.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope