11 May 2019

Monika Bacardi at Dior’s Tiepelo Ball in May 2019

It was in the heart of the fabulous Labia Palace that Dior celebrated the “Tiepolo Ball” on May 11, 2019, alongside the Venetian Heritage Foundation, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary. On the occasion of the opening of the Venice Biennale, Monika Bacardi attended the charity dinner and ball to benefit the restoration and promotion of Venetian cultural heritage, reviving the sumptuous spirit of the iconic “Ball of the Century” given by Charles de Beistegui in this mythical palace in 1951.

For this unique and grandiose event, exclusive creations for some of Dior’s personalities and friends, such as Monika Bacardi, were created in collaboration with two renowned Venetian Houses: Bevilacqua and Rubelli, revisiting the House’s codes through the extraordinary artisan tradition of Venetian weaving. Precious fabrics, inspired by Fortuny’s heritage, were chosen to dress the tables of the charity dinner and a sparkling, fairy-tale show, created by the artist Parolabianca, featured dancers and waders.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope