Arts & Culture
16 June 2015

Monika Bacardi at the oceanographic museum of Monaco for the exhibition “On Sharks and Humanity”

Monika Bacardi was invited to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco for the opening ceremony of the exhibition “On sharks and humanity – Art as a bridge between humanity and nature”. Lady Monika attended the ceremony on the night of June 5th.

This artistic initiative aims to be an international event to raise awareness across borders and culture through the universal language of art. Designed by Parkview Arts Action in close collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum and the WildAid non-profit association, this exhibition brings together a collection of 10 contemporary Chinese artists who will present 11 works featuring sharks and the preservation centre. Each of them expresses the complex and peculiar relationship of men and sharks and, by extension, our relationship with nature.

Monika Bacardi is deeply involved in the environmental problems of the planet and was happy to attend the opening ceremony of this special event.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope