10 November 2016

Monika Bacardi at the premiere of the award-winning documentary film “The last man on the Moon”

Monika Bacardi came to attend the premiere of Last Man on the Moon at the Grimaldi Forum.

He took part in missions Apollo 10, Apollo 17 and Gemini 11, Gene Cernan was the last man to set foot on the moon.

This fabulous adventure is traced in an award-winning biopic documentary by Mark Craig, which was screened at numerous festivals.

The Principality of Monaco presented the award-winning documentary, The Last Man on the Moon, at the Grimaldi Forum on Thursday 10 November, followed by a round table discussion with some of the biggest names in air travel, space travel and technology.

The documentary was screened in the Camille Blanc room of the Grimaldi Forum in the presence of Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist and other renowned scientists.

The organizers salute and thank the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation – USA, Space Systems International, Venturi Automobiles, Monaco Economic Board and the Lady Monika Bacardi Association for the Arts.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope