26 March 2018

Monika Bacardi attended the traditional Rose Ball organized by Caroline of Hanover for the benefit of the princess Grace Foundation.

For this 64th edition, Caroline of Hanover and Karl Lagerfeld had concocted an evening in the form of a trip to the heart of Manhattan.

Faithful to this major charitable event, Monika Bacardi came to support the Princess Grace Foundation of Monaco.

All the decoration suggested that we were in a trendy bar in the Big Apple.

The choice of artists had been particularly careful with the presence of The London Swing Orchestra, Taj Mahal or the Pockemon Crew, the most titled battle dancers in the world, all at the pace of a great American evening.

But of course, this evening is not just a great show for prestigious guests. Above all, it is an opportunity to raise funds for the Princess Grace Foundation, essential funds for the many actions supported for children and students.

This major charity event raised 266,000 euros in profits, in addition to donations of 210,000 euros.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope