Thriller • 2023

Paradox Effect

Estranged from her daughter because of a past life of drug-abuse, Karina is taking all the steps she can towards being the mother she needs to be. Double-shifts and late nights, Karina has prepared for her daughter Lucy’s visit for weeks now, doing everything she can to make things as smooth as they can. But right as she’s leaving work one night Karina hears the discharge of a muted weapon and a body breaking through heavy glass. Looking up, she locks eyes with the man who pulled the trigger, standing over his kill and a briefcase. A chase ensues, and Karina is captured. Having seen his face, the assassin holds Karina at gunpoint and commands her to do whatever he needs to be done through the long night. Karina gets to know Covek, a deadly killer who is ruthless with his silenced pistol but hides a mystery behind his relentless pursuit of the man who’s taken something from him. The mastermind of it all is crime lord Silvio. He uses his vicious gangsters and calculated wit to force Covek and Karina to go on a journey against time. Their choice: either give the crime boss what he wants in return for the lives of those they love or resolve to end their night in a bloody attempt at revenge. Before Karina can see her daughter again, she must fight against time, the police, dealers, her old life as a drug user, and the criminal underworld… It’s going to be a long night.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope