3 May 2021

“Film projects are like children”: Lady Bacardi for Forbes.


Recently, the American economic and financial magazine Forbes published an article about the story of Lady Monika Bacardi and about her commitment in the cinematographic production and filmmaking world, but also on her attachment to social topics, especially the ones linked to the equal opportunities.

The cinematographic producer and business woman has always put her values and ideas in her projects and activities; for this reason, during the interview, Lady Bacardi has investigated her role but also the origins of her interests, connected to her literary education.

Also her early enthusiasm for the Seventh Art has had consequences in the foundation of Ambi Media Group and Iervolino Entertainment, the two international companies of cinematographic production and distribution, publicy traded on the AIM Italian Stock Exchange. “The Godfather” and “Grease” are only two of the titles that affected the social approach to the cinema of Lady Bacardi.

About her activities and the film she produced, Lady Bacardi said, during the interview to Forbes, that these are not only the regular extension of her passion, but also the true expression of her social actions directed especially to the youngest generations and the female audience.
The animated series “Puffin” or “Arctic Friends” are two examples of products made with the purpose of representing a World emptied of inequalities to communicate a positive message of hope to the net generations.

“All the cinematographic projects are like children, with different stories and different messages directed to different audiences. This is the reason why I am proud of everyone of them.”
This is the main message that Monika Bacardi chose to submit during her interview to Forbes, even if the filmmaking and the productions are not the only activity of Lady Monica Bacardi.

About the future, Lady Monika Bacardi shared the will of proceeding with her social commitment. She has, in fact, claimed to have some new ideas to put in a project dedicated to the environmental protection and safeguard. On this she has declared: “We have to increase the social attention to the environmental impact, a serious problem for all of us and for the future generations.

At the end of the interview, Monika Bacardi reminds her participation to several events and foundations operating in international charity, for example the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for the Preservation of the Oceans but also the Centre Scientifique de Monaco, operating in scientific research.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope