17 October 2021

Monika Bacardi attends Alice Nella Città 2021

Lady Monika Bacardi attended the Alice Nella Citta 2021 alongside Johnny Depp to introduce “Puffins”.

Alice nella Città is an esteemed International Film Festival, operating independently and in parallel to the renowned Rome Film Fest, with a primary focus on catering to the younger generations. The festival passionately fosters a love for cinema among a diverse and extensive audience, predominantly consisting of young individuals. It achieves this through a captivating lineup of screenings, engaging interactions with industry experts and delegations, an array of activities and workshops, and an assortment of other enriching experiences. Alice strives to serve as a comprehensive global laboratory, offering an educational platform that empowers the audience of tomorrow throughout the year.

Lady Monika Bacardi was a featured guest at Alice nella Città which took place from October 14th to 22nd. The festival was held at the Parco della Musica and the designated Auditorium della Conciliazione venue. Johnny Depp and Lady Monika graced Rome with his presence to introduce “Puffins,” the animated web-series produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment. Serving as a spin-off of the animated film “Arctic – A glacial adventure,” the series chronicled the captivating escapades of Johnny and his delightful companions, Tic and Tac, Didi and Pie. Together, they resided with their Puffin tribe in Otto’s technologically advanced and spacious den, presided over by the walrus Otto, a skilled engineer and collector.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope