22 June 2021

Monika Bacardi wins the Los Angeles, – Italy Award 2021

Monika Bacardi has won the Award for the Best Producer of the Year at the Los Angeles – Italy Award 2021, hosted and organized by the Capri in the World Institute, the Association that promotes the growth and development of the image and culture of Capri and the South.

Lady Bacardi, as producer and co-founder of Ambi Media Group and Iervolino Entertainment, won the award and the wonderful star created by the artist Lello Esposito, thanks to the activities she and her team of professionals carried out in a difficult period for the audiovisual production, and for this reason they have been an example for many colleagues and artists from all over the world.

In fact, Lady Bacardi has already repeatedly many times that she considers the audiovisual works she produced, not only as extensions of her vocation, but also as real social actions, which in fact are aimed in particular to the female audience and young people.

Two examples above all are “Puffin” and “Arctic Friends“, products made with the intention of representing a reality without gender or other inequalities and which aim to transmit a positive message of Hope to current generations and future ones.

The Missions of Lady Monika Bacardi

A successful producer with numerous exceptional film collaborations behind her, Monika Bacardi said, during the award ceremony, that her main objective for the coming years is to export the Italian how to in the cinematographic production.

A model in the method and approach to film production that has guaranteed her successes and confirmations throughout her career.

From films with international stars such as In Dubious Battle (James Franco) with James Franco and Selena Gomez, to the movie that pays an homage to Andrea Bocelli The Music Of Silence, passing through the masterpieces Waiting for the Barbarians (Ciro Guerra) with Johnny Depp and the contemporary fairy tale This Beautiful Fantastic with Tom Wilkinson. Recently, a film she produced, Bent, was presented at the Berlinale European Film Market; in the cast we find Andy Garcia, Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara.

The statements by Monika Bacardi

The entrepreneur Monika Bacardi commented the victory of the award in this way: “I am truly honored with this award which recognizes the ability of the whole team to be able to face the challenges imposed by these difficult times and to be always ready for change. We are now focusing deeply on web series like Puffins and Artic Friends to give positive messages to children and inspire values. And we just finished filming Dakota ”.

In fact, to underline the desire to export the Italian model of how to, Lady Bacardi has chosen Italy as the location for the filming of Dakota, specifically the Mercadante Forest in the province of Bari.
“We want to bring Italy back to the center of international production. As an Italian I am proud to have so many talents in my country and now I want to show them to the world, trying to make the Italian business model adopted on an international scale”.

Lady Monika Bacardi

Film producer & Philanthrope